Unfortunately I've had a problem with breakins, I've been hit twice now. The first time I had security cameras sitting out for testing and while not operating, they did spook those responsible and they left mid-robbery. However they had a chance to rifle through everything in my house first. The second time my security cameras were installed and caught the whole thing.

Most recent breakin

Here are some photos with a play-by-play of the idiots who broke in the 2nd time. For perspective, my driveway runs parallel to the road and connects at two points (a half-circle drive). They pull in the North entrance then leave out the South entrance.

Rolling up on the scene in a 2001-2004 Silver Infiniti:

Side view of the car:

Little-miss knocks on the door to see if anyone is home. Note: my cameras have some color abberations so dark colors and black often look purple. I would not rely on colors from the Deck 1 camera.

There are tattoos on both sides of her chest and possibly something on her right forearm:

Little-miss reports back to the driver:

Good side-shot of the driver, they pull ahead and park at the end of my driveway so the driver can do the breakin:

The screen door over the street-facing door of my house is open, however this door does not work. You can see the car parked at the end of my driveway, I assume to block the view:

The driver walks back around to my kitchen door (the main door). Knocks and looks inside, but then retreats back to the car for a moment:

Second try, now he is armed with a geode from my deck:

Doh, I better wipe my prints off the door handle! Never mind the fact cameras are in plain sight recording everything

Drawing back with a geode, he throws it at the window and it bounces off. I will mention that I have security film on my windows which did slow him down by abount 30 seconds. Unfortunately the film is not secured to the edges of the window frame so he was able to bust out a corner and reach in and unlock the deadbolt.

And he's in:

Making his escape. I believe the box he has is just a cardboard box I had near the trash can which he put the goods in: