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Using Lockenpedia

Thanks for checking out the Lockenpedia. In order to search for an article, please use the search bar on the left menu. The "Go" button will take you to the first result returned, "Search" will show you a listing of articles that matched your search criteria. If no exact match is located you will have an opportunity to fine tune your search at the bottom of the page returned. Often it is good to check additional namespaces such as: Image and Category from this page. Another and probably better way to search is to browse the existing categories.

Contributing: Getting an account

Firstly, you must create an account to make changes to the Lockenpedia, anonymous edits are not allowed. Click the "Register" link at the top of the site and follow the directions to activate your account. Once you are logged in you may begin editing articles or adding your own articles.

To search for non-text content (images, videos, ect.), use the "Search button". Once results are returned, check the boxes for the different types of media you wish to search for and retry the search.

To edit existing content

Once you are logged in to your Lockenpedia account you may use the "Edit" tab at the top of an article to modify it. Then click the "Save page" button at the bottom to save your changes. Modification to categories is also managed this way.

To contribute new articles, images, and movies

Creating new articles is simple, just enter the exact article name into the search box and hit "Go". If an article doesn't not already exist by that name you will be prompted to create it. Write your article and save the changes. Unfortunately the Lockenpedia does not have spelling or grammar checks built in at this time so you may wish to write your article offline in a full-fledged word processor or use a web browser that has real-time spell checking such as FireFox. When adding a new article, image, or movie it is also important to assign it to a category. See the next section for more information.

Category management

Categorization is important to help other users find the content they are searching for at Lockenpedia. It is a good idea to add any article or uploaded file to at least one category.

Put the following tag at the end of your article to include it in a category:

[[Category:<new or existing category>]]

If the category does not already exist that is ok. You can create the category after you create a link to it from within your article. However, contributers are encouraged to verify that an appropriate category does not already exist before creating a new one.

Lockenpedia category guidelines
When categorizing content it is often necessary to include it in more than one category. To do this simply add an additional category tag to the end of the article. However, it is also important not to add content to inappropriate categories. Another good use of categories is for grouping multiple photos of the same lock. When uploading images of a lock we advise you to create a new category just for that lock. Once that is done go back and include the new lock's category in another category that pertains to the style and/or manufacturer of the lock.

An example with Bob
Bob uploads three images of a Master Lock #3 padlock. He looks and sees that there is no category for this exact model of lock. So, when he is uploading the image he adds a new category tag in the lock description for "Master Lock no. 3". He also includes a tag for his own private collection category. He sees that there is a category for "Master Lock" and adds his images to this category as well.

What Bob did wrong
Bob made an easy mistake which is easily correctable. We don't want images in the "Master Lock" company category but the other two categories are fine. Instead he should have put the "Master Lock no. 3" category itself in the "Master Lock" category - yes categories can be in other categories. He would also want to put "Master Lock no. 3" into the padlock category and possibly others if they apply.

So, what we are after is the most specific category an article or file applies to while also applying as many categories as possible. If in doubt, think about a user browsing down from a main category. If someone wants to see dimple keys, they would probably start in the category Keys. From there they should find the category for Dimple keys. However, if the Keys category has several ad-hoc images added by mistake it draws attention away from the fact that there is an entire category just for Dimple keys.

It is very likely you will find content categorized here in ways that breaks the rules just laid out. As the Lockenpedia grows we realize that we have to change the rules to make categorization more manageable. There will likely be things that need to be fixed to be in line with the evolving rules and will be slowly fixed as time permits. There may also be instances where it's not clear which categories apply to a given article file. When in doubt include additional categories, it's more likely someone else will find the content item and determine a better way to categorize it.

Capitalization of category and article names

Capitalization is important in the wiki because categories and article names are case sensitive. This means that "Master Lock" and "Master lock" are two different categories. Here we try to keep the very first word capitalized and all others all lower case (The wiki capitalizes the first letter of the first word for us anyway). The only exception is for proper names, the first letter of each word in a proper name may be capitalized as required.

Text formatting

MediaWiki uses a cross between HTML and it's own custom markup language to manipulate the look of text on the page. To learn it's often easiest to go into edit mode on a wiki article to see how others have set the formatting. This works just like viewing the HTML source of a web page. Here are a few quick tips for marking up text in Lockenpedia.

The following example (Markup example 1) is a special case. When four or more are used in the same article the wiki automatically generates a "Contents" box at the top of the article as you can see on this page.

Markup example 1

==Markup example 1==

Markup example 2

<big>'''Markup example 2'''</big>

Markup example 3

<big>''Markup example 3''</big>

URL formatting

Links to articles internal to Lockenpedia are made like this:

[[Arrow Lock]]

Arrow Lock

Links to other sites are made like this:

[ Fraternal Order Of LockSport]

Fraternal Order Of LockSport

How to determine the name of an internal wiki article
If you wish to locate the internal name of a wiki article for the purpose of making an internal wiki link simply browse over to the article in your browser. The text in your browsers URL address bar after the last "/" will be the wiki's internal reference to it. So, lets say you wish to create an internal link to the article on Arrow Locks as shown above, you would find a URL like this:

The last section of the URL, Arrow_Lock would be used inside the wiki markup to create an internal link as shown in the first URL formatting example.

Image formatting

When adding images to an article it's often nice to be able to control the size and location of the image. MediaWiki has several custom markup commands for managing images. Additionally, to locate the name of an image within Lockenpedia simply browse to the image you want to link to. In your URL address bar copy the reference to "Image:filename.jpg", the wiki can use this as an internal link to the image.

To insert an image into a box and thumbnail it to the default wiki size:



To insert an image into a box, add a comment, and resize it to 100 pixels wide:

[[Image:Master_-3_004.jpg|none|thumb|100px|Master Lock no. 3]]

Master Lock no. 3
Master Lock no. 3

To align images horizontally:

| [[Image:Master_-3_001.jpg|none|thumb|100px|Master Lock no. 3 - open]]
| [[Image:Master_-3_002.jpg|none|thumb|100px|Master Lock no. 3 - bottom]] 

Master Lock no. 3 - open
Master Lock no. 3 - open
Master Lock no. 3 - bottom
Master Lock no. 3 - bottom

And finally to align an image left or right replace none with the justification of your choice:

[[Image:Master_lever_lock002.jpg|right|thumb|200px|Master Lock no. 2750 - A lever lock]]
Master Lock no. 2750 - A lever lock
Master Lock no. 2750 - A lever lock

Here you can see that my text is flowing along down the page beside the image inserted into this article.

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asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf l;kj asdf l;kj asdf ;lkj
asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf l;kj asdf l;kj asdf ;lkj
asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf l;kj asdf l;kj asdf ;lkj
asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf l;kj asdf l;kj asdf ;lkj
asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf l;kj asdf l;kj asdf ;lkj
asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf l;kj asdf l;kj asdf ;lkj

Lastly here is how to easily include multiple images in one group with the gallery tag. Comments may be omitted (Remove the "|" character also).

Image:American_locks_1205_001.jpg|Model 1205 pic 1
Image:American_locks_1205_002.jpg|Model 1205 pic 2
Image:American_locks_1205_004.jpg|Model 1205 pic 4

Private Collections

The Lockenpedia is a community resource that requires contributions from its users to function. In order to help give back to the community we allow contributors to maintain their own personal categories on Lockenpedia. This allows someone to tag images and movies as they are uploaded with a reference to the locks owner. Only images and movies may be included in private collection categories, articles are not allowed. See the Private collections category itself for details.

Further reading

The MediaWiki User's Guide has more detailed information on using the wiki.

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