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AS400/iSeries keystick
AS400/iSeries keystick

This is a specific name for the electronic key used on the IBM iSeries control panel (Formerly known as AS/400). These keys are plastic and have 8 pin-holes in the end of the key. The keystick is used to manage operation of the iSeries control panel functions. When the key is removed the ability to change operation modes on the control panel is disabled. If the operation mode is left in "Normal Mode" then this means the ability to power off or on the system is stopped. This would also prevent a physical intruder from performing an IPL (power up or reboot) from alternative media such as a CD to access data on the internal disks outside of the restrictions of the operating system.

When an incorrect key is inserted into the iSeries control panel the system attention light is activated and the SRN BBBB0000 is displayed. (verify SRN)

A person claimed to have built such a device that "picked" this lock several years ago however it is doubtful such a device actually existed.

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