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Community Portal

In order to be a useful resource Lockenpedia needs the contributions of people like you. Similar to Open Source Software, a wiki allows collaboration on a single project by people all over the Internet. Below are locksport organizations from around the world as well as other lock picking resources. These sites have additional information on locks not available here.


EZ Picking Forums
Lock Picker Network
Lockpicking 101 (Managed by LSI)

Locksport Groups

DAFOR OY (Russian Locksport Group)
Fraternal Order Of LockSport
LockSport International (LSI)
P1nCh1T0s T34M (Spanish speaking locksport group)
SPASS (Swiss locksport club)
SSDeV (German locksport club)
TOOOL - The Open Organization Of Lockpickers (Netherlands)
TOOOL - US Affiliate

Other Resources

Blackbag by Barry (Blog by Barry of TOOOL)
Locks and Security Blog (Information on making cutaways)
The Sidebar (Blog by Marc Tobias)
Swill Banking Antiques

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