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I'm still here. But this site has become an embarassment to me, straight outta 1995 (ok ok, I guess it always was an embarassment). One of many projects to come this year should include an overhaul and replacement with some type of CMS or something.

In other news, if you where looking for www.packetsniffers.org, well it's down for a while (along with the DOS Unleashed site dos.rsvs.net). My friend that hosts it had to turn it off because someone elses account got rooted on the same box. He's been kind enough to host it for over 5 years now without any reimbursement, along with our tps email so it's no biggie for it to be down for now. Some day I'll have to buy him some lunch get it back up and running again. Anyway, some day both dos.rsvs.net and packetsniffers.org will see the light of day again.


PigeonCAM - I put a webcam up on my non-rent paying neighbors. The only item of real interest is the CGI controlled lamp I setup so you can see them at night. A button allows you to turn a light on for 30 seconds.

One of these days I'll get around to merging this site into a blog cms or something. There's not much reason to maintain both a blog and this site, but I still need this site to toss random stuff online. I've already rolled most of my project stuff into the TPS site, but TPS needs to be converted into a cms also. Currently a few things are broken here, that is the result of moving from a Windows to Linux web server. Anything of real interest is already on TPS.


Well, I'm back home after two weeks in Europe. It was amazing. Here are the pictures that I took. Unfortunately my current digital camera is not reliable so I used the still capture function of my Sony HC-30 video camera for stills. The quality is pretty low but it's better than nothing (And it was one less thing to lug around on the trip).


Sitting here at 2:30am I just realized it's been over a year since I've touched this sorry little web page. This used to be my main site for posting projects and such until I got involved in The Packet Sniffers project. Now I haven't even done any serious projects because I'm always editing the show. Not complaining, just realizing that making a show about our projects leaves little time for the actual projects themselves. At this point I've gotten enough experience with the production and editing process that it moves along a lot faster. Episode 5 has only taken about a week of work to edit, plus the time for two segments that where already finished many months previous. Now that we have a REAL camera to shoot with we are going to sit down and rework the show to make it look as professional as possible. Certain *other* shows have become more well known for their 'higher production values' and we feel this must stop ;). Although I am very happy with how our show has come along, it's time to start planning things out more rather than our typical hap-hazard style of shooting. Poor lighting, background noise, and un-rehearsed dialog - these are the things that we will no longer accept as the status quo.


A friend and myself are gearing up to release our first episode of The Packet Sniffers. I just acquired a domain name and have arranged for some webhosting from an old friend of mine. We just got hosted at http://www.packetsniffers.org. We have a lot of content already filmed, I can see myself spending a lot of time in the editing room this winter. We have big plans (Don't all small projects start that way?) and hopefully we will have some very entertaining content, if not just a little educational too. Also we have leads for some cool interviews out on the East Coast so who knows where this will all go. Our first interview was a quick chat with Emmanuel Goldstein and Bernie S. of 2600 magazine, we bumped into them at Hamfest this year in Dayton OH. That should be ready for episode 2 when we get it edited together.


Had a big week, just picked up the truck I've always wanted...

Keep updated with the progress report.


It's been a while since I've updated this site. I think another color scheme is in order, bright green text on dark blue marble is starting to suck after a year. I'm currently creating a little show for cable access. More to come...



After over a year of near continuous uptime Bovine, my web and moo server, suffered a fatal disk crash. Only the boot drive was lost, the data disk is still intact. But anyway I keep good backups so even if both drives where lost nothing would have been lost. The boot drive was a 200MB SCSI disk and started getting write errors one night while my friend was using it to web surf. After that it booted once and ran for a few more days then finally the drive died all together. The moo will be down until I can resuscitate another boot disk for Bovine. I am temporarily running this web server on another system for now.

And in other news I was in St. Louis the last two weeks of October. I was helping install a couple of these.


MCA Moo is one year old this month! (September 2003) Wow!

NEW! MCA Moo is now running! Telnet to port 8088 on ibmgeek.nailed.org and login as a guest.
(No longer up 1-18-06)

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